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      About us


      Guangzhou UFLY Info. Tech.co.,Ltd.(" Ufly"for short)?is headquartered in Yangcheng Creative Industry Park, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Ufly is a?professional company engaged in human?intelligent operating system and application of geographic information system,hardware and software development of high-tech.?After many years of accumulated technology , UFLY has more than 30 independent intellectual property rights, nearly 20 software Copyrights and dozens of applied technology patents, ?becoming the leading domestic UAV intelligent industry solutions provider.

      Ufly has many core products, such as Umap intelligent aerial survey system, UAV image quick spell Rubik's cube, small magic based mobile spatial information platform, UGlobe three-dimensional spatial information service platform and so on. Our products and data acquisition services are widely applied in power inspection, inspection of soil survey, urban management and monitoring, environmental forensics, water?conservancy, engineering management, survey and mapping industry.

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      Technical supportservice@uflycn.com



      Address:2-16, Yangcheng Creative Park, No. 311, Central Huangpu Avenue, Tianyuan Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City

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